Did Unsafe Conditions Lead to an Accident?

Premises liability is when one is hurt on another's property. Many of these cases are slips, trips, and/or falls. The owner of a property has a duty to maintain his/her property in a reasonably safe condition. This includes the removal of snow and ice or drying floors during rain events. While trip and falls bring to mind slap-stick comedy, they are no laughing matter and often result in serious permanent injury or even death. Blair Creed Law, LLC's slip and fall attorneys have years of experience obtaining compensation for those injured because of owner's neglect.

Slip, trips, and falls can occur at grocery stores, department stores, apartment complexes, a friend or relative's residence, and even doctor offices. Slips and falls account for more fatal injuries for people older than 65 than any other accident event. Poorly maintained parking lots, stairways, ramps, sidewalks, and walkways are often the cause of the injury.

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What is included in slip and fall accidents?

In addition to the traditional slips, trips, and falls, premises liability include injuries or death because of the negligence of a property owner and/or property manager, including but not limited to:

• Landlord Negligence - lack of smoke detectors or poor property maintenance
• Dog Bites (Animal Attacks)
• Accidental poisonings
• Chemical Exposures
• Elevator and Escalator malfunctions
• Electrocutions
• Drowning
• Daycare Negligence
• Fires
• Explosions

If you have been injured from a slip, trip, or fall or other negligent property owner act, call the injury lawyers at the Blair Creed Law, LLC to protect your rights. Most settlements do not require court and many injury settlements are reached without litigation.

What to do if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident?

• Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
• Report the injury immediately to the owner of the property and obtain their liability insurance information.
• Insist on an incident report from the property owner.
• Take relevant pictures, if possible, of the neglected area.
• Follow your doctor's orders and keep all scheduled medical appointments.
• Do not sign anything from the insurance companies. Injury victims may be giving up rights to pursue a claim for future compensation by signing documents from insurance companies.
• Contact Blair Creed Law, LLC as soon as possible in Bristol, CT to discuss your legal rights and all avenues for just compensation for your injuries.