Have you been bitten?

Have you been bitten?

Hire an experienced dog bite attorney with a Statewide Practice. Offices located in Bristol, CT

Were you bitten by a neighbor's or stranger's dog?

Did the attack leave you injured, disfigured, disabled or emotionally scarred?

Have you missed out on work or personal activities as a result?

Stand up for your rights as a victim. Contact The Blair Creed Law, LLC. Attorney Blair Creed will make sure you receive every penny of compensation you deserve. He's an experienced negotiator and litigator who'll take on the insurance companies on your behalf.

Pursue your Connecticut dog bite case

Attorney Blair Creed is an authority on personal injury laws. He represents clients a Statewide with offices located in Bristol

Here are three reasons to choose Blair Creed for your dog bite case:

1.If necessary he'll take your case to trial.
2.Insurance companies know and fear this, so they're more likely to settle your case for your number.
3.He's won millions of dollars for his clients. He's both experienced and successful.
4.With 24 years of active duty as an attack helicopter pilot in the United States Army he knows how to get tough with an opponent..

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